I’m in. Gbell Games won’t (Well, sort of)

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December 10th, 2012 8:37 am

Last Ludum Dare I was the teacher supervising the Gbell Games team, a team made of high-school students from Colégio Graham Bell (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) who stayed at school in a weeked making a game for Ludum Dare. It was, for many of them, their first experience making a game.

This is what we managed to make:


It was an amazing experience for all of us.

This time around I won’t be able to spend the weekend at the school, but I’ll participate solo, working from my home. So while it’s not my first Ludum Dare, it will be the first where I actually do a game all by my own :)

I’ve been trying to convince my students to also try to make a game alone this time… instead of participating in Ludum Dare Jam as “Gbell Games”, they should try a new experience  and make a game solo, at their home. It would be a new experience for them, and I’m sure they will learn new things with it. (Some of them have already said they are in, others are complaining they would prefer to work as a team again :D)

My personal objective is basically to have fun with this. And  I hope I can finish at the top half of the overral ratings :)

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