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December 9th, 2012 10:48 am

I’m in barring any sort of emergency or being called in.

Just like past few LD’s, my toolset

  • Engine:Aether (my own cross-platform engine that’s been in development for quite some time)
  • Art:Sprite editor (soon to be renamed Aether Graphics Editor but the new improved version has a few bugs to work out still)
  • Sound: sfxr/atrk/lmms/audacity
  • IDE: Code::Blocks
  • Livestream: custom scripts (attached lower in this post)
  • Target platforms: Linux/Windows/Android (I unfortunately still don’t have a mac to test compile on)

This LD my engine now has all SORTS of new features and enhancements, and I have just launched a kickstarter campaign to try to get some funding to take it even further now that it’s gotten to the point where it’s more than usable for 2d games, you can check that out here

Kickstarter Campaign

Short version of the most notable engine changes

  • moved from GL2 and GLES11 to GL3.3 and GLES2
  • VASTLY improved performance on android, mostly due to the GLES2 migration, though the pipeline itself has been cleaned up and the old batch rendering system completley re-written with a far more efficient one.
  • huge improvements to the ttf rendering system, it’s faster and now also supports “tabstops” on the screen to make lining up text on non-monospaced fonts very easy
  • internal message pump and state manager
  • interactive debug console
  • built in file and compression handling, path decoding, and configuration objects to manage saving game data and settings
  • simple highscore manager object to retrieve and post highscores from a server

So far I’ve ported two of my android games on the market over to this new engine version

Jewel – my first game for android

Tiny Poker – Was the engine test for the new revision of aether, worked well so made it a full game













And again, here’s the latest modifications of the livestream script i’ve been kinda constantly tweaking.



ffmpeg -f x11grab -s $SIZE -r $FRAMERATE -i :0.0 -f alsa -ac 2 -i default -vcodec libx264 -s 1280×720 -vb $BITRATE -ab 128k -ar 22050 -f flv “rtmp://live.justin.tv/app/$KEY”







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