Welcome to Ludum Dare 25!

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December 8th, 2012 1:19 pm

Hello and welcome everyone to a very festive edition of Ludum Dare. It’s time to make games, eat food, and be merry… for it could be your last. 😉

Theme voting has begun. Every day this week we’ll begin a new round of voting. Wednesday we tally all the votes, and Thursday when we begin the Final Round. Lets do this!

[ ROUND 1 | ROUND 2 | ROUND 3 ]


Special thanks to Sos for again running the Theme Slaughter.

Something you may notice is that theme list is much smaller than usual. One of the common criticisms about Ludum Dare is the themes; So we put the top 100 themes from the slaughter in front of a panel, and meticulously reduced it to a shorter 48 themes. We tried to give you a list of themes with a much greater list of possibilities, so everyone isn’t forced to make basically same game. It was a lot of work, so I want to send a big special thanks out to Sorceress, Phil Hassey, and everyone that helped out with the prune.


Hey, we’re early with the keynote for a change! Richard Perrin put together this great homage to adventure games that just couldn’t keep to myself:

That’s it from me. Good luck everyone, and may the best theme win.


124 Responses to “Welcome to Ludum Dare 25!”

  1. villeb2 says:

    I’m in!
    First time and I’m really excited!
    Engine: Unity
    Language: C# (Scripting in Unity)
    Sound: Audacity
    Art: Paint.NET

  2. Galinho says:

    why votes? everyone want goats and kittens =(

  3. auhsoj_ says:

    Really excited. This’ll be my first LD. Only problem: I’m going with the advice of another LD developer and going to use Stencyl. Unfortunately, he suggested it yesterday… so ill be going in with a brand new engine. :) Good Luck, everyone, and may the best theme win!

  4. TehWut says:

    I really hope End of the World wins. I mean, based on the date, how could you not accept such a theme?

  5. Bullseye8841 says:

    We’re in!

  6. sparkymc says:

    I can’t wait. This is my first LD. My artist friend and I are going to do a Jam in Java. Good luck everyone

  7. no clicks from “HIS” mouse.
    These little things always spoil my joy. Why Richard? Whyyyyy? What about female devs?

    • evilseanbot says:

      *nod* *nod*

      • Perrin says:

        I was super conscious about the usage of the word his there for the reason of it being gendered. I almost went back and redubbed over it during editing. I just couldn’t think how to make that sentence flow well with a gender neutral term. “No clicks from their mouses” sounded so awkward in my head. Sorry if it ruined the video for you, I was trying in general to be really inclusive in my message. :/

  8. Suese says:

    Puttens scare me.

  9. forddefect says:

    Hi and I’m in. First time for me I shall probably use game maker studio

  10. Suese says:

    keynote video is missing.

  11. haxpor says:

    I’m in as well.
    2nd game jam in a row after charity game jam. Looking forward to hone my skill further with this one.
    Good luck you guys!

  12. AngelDE98 says:

    The “Round 0″‘s Windows error is unlogical on Linux / Unix operating systems xD

  13. YopSolo says:

    I am in.
    LD is great for testing new stuff :)

    This time i will test the citrus engine (free && open source http://citrusengine.com/ )

    code ide : flash develop / flash
    language : as3
    gfx : flash + photoshop
    Sounds: bfxr

    planned work time : 8 hours maximum

  14. mohammad says:

    No music, no engine, and no programming knowledge of unityscript.
    Anyone wanna tell me what i’m putting myself in here?
    I’m gonna change my pants, because I probably shit in them.

  15. mohammad says:

    I don’t know if I get even get started…
    The only computer available to me during the ludum is the family desktop, that’s only… ummm 1 FREAKING GB!!! Yes, I have to run and upload all my scripts using a shit computer that’s 1GB since my dad has put serious time restrictions on the only computer capable of professionally making my game, the laptop. My laptop is the fastest in the house but will be unavailable to me. So how in the name of crust do you think i’ll do this? I’m better off skipping because I have school, a shit computer, and no knowledge of unityscript. I don’t think i’ll even finish modeling the models! It seems this ludum i’l just be making a clock that calculates when your birthday is coming, to spare the shame.

    • BinxBurger says:

      If you have no experience at all, I’d recommend trying to use Game Maker this time around. It’s very beginner-friendly. You can finish the basic tutorials in a couple hours, and they’ll give you a decent understanding of how everything works. Plus, the drag-and-drop interface means you don’t have to deal with code unless you just want to 😉

      • mohammad says:

        That seems to be the only thing I am best at, gamemaker and GML. The prob is GML is dumb when it comes to 3-d, so I wanna build a 3d game with unity, because unity gets the job done, and you can put it on webpages.

        • mohammad says:

          I was sarcastic when I ment nothing. I’ve built models, made songs, and know html, ruby, and javascript. Its just that the resources i’m left with are not game-making appropriate for this situation.

  16. Leebo86 says:

    The countdown clock says it started 8 minutes ago but there’s still no theme up?

  17. Claite says:

    Hey all,

    This will be my first LD challenge. I plan on doing the Jam with my wife, and really look forward to seeing all your progress.

    I’ll be using Java (LWJGL specifically), sfxr, and no idea on the art or music.

    Also, I was pretty excited about the challenge, then I watched the keynote. Now I’m brimming. I look forward to taking this on, and to see what you all come up with.

    Good luck!

  18. foofly says:

    I’m entering again. Hopefully I won’t get the flu half way through this time.

    I’ll be using Game Maker or Unity depending on the theme. In addition to Photoshop, Maya, illustrator, audacity etc.

    Should be a giggle at least.

  19. Zelen3d says:

    For some reason I can’t post :'( previewing gives a 404 error
    I am using chrome on a linux Netbook and youtube and gmail tend to work pretty unconsistently too. Just weird. I will probably skip this time, even if it is the end of the world…

  20. zloe_zlo says:

    let’s doooo eeeeet!

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