I’ll be using my good old tool belt

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December 8th, 2012 2:09 pm

I’ve been making games for the web for the last 10 years or so. Lately, I’ve been playing around with Objective-C/Cocos2d, OpenGL, C#/MonoGame and C++ but I’ve never finished a game with these technologies.┬áTherefore, I got the idea that I’d use Ludum Dare as an excuse to build something non-web.

However, the closer we get the more I’m sure I’ll just fallback to my good old tool belt that I’ve been using for years: HTML and Javascript.

I’ve realised, I’d rather spend my Ludum Dare time actually designing rather than learning various practical things, like how to load sounds in MonoGame. I want to focus on creativity and that’s best accomplished by using tools I know.

Besides, it’s my first time entering a game jam/competition so I really don’t want to make the challenge harder than necessary.

What about you? Are you playing it safe in terms of tech choice or are you challenging yourself with new tools?

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  1. You can user familiar tools and still challenge yourself, just need to push the boundaries a bit. That said, I’m almost certainly going to do HTML/JS this time as well.

  2. dr_soda says:

    I think there’s a point at which you are certainly competent to make a game in a new-ish toolset, and that it’s a good test to see if you can do it. For example, my preferred tools for getting something out quickly would be something like Unity or Flash, but in LD23 I used Java, and nothing more than an Android tablet to make an entire game, graphics, sound, and all. I had *never* attempted anything of that scale on my Transformer, and had no idea if it would even work… but it did.

    That said, I’m holding off until the theme is announced before I make any final decisions. Most likely I’ll use Unity, but if the theme supports it I have an idea that would be *perfect* for using nothing more than the vanilla Android SDK.

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