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November 30th, 2012 9:01 pm

Hey everyone!

I’ve started some as3 dev some time ago and it usually came down to something that required a tiled map. I’ve tried a couple of mapeditors, like Tiled and Ogmo, but i felt not comfortable using them and they were lacking a few features i expect from a leveleditor.

In previous situations when i needed tiled maps i just made adhoc editors myself, but they were built only for a specific task with a specific framework in mind. Now i attempt to use all the experience i gained from those prototypes to implement a full-fledged standalone mapeditor capable of basic editing features aswell as nice to have stuff like trigger areas, custom locations, and linestrips for pathing or collision.

I’ve started work only earlier this week and by now completed the most basic feature set including tile brushes, layer management and multiple tileset support. It currently exports to XML only, but other formats like JSON will be supported later on.
I will provide an import template for FlashPunk in the next couple of days, so you would be able to immediately use it and try it out.

This is still in heavy development, but the basic implementation is functional. However i’m still looking for general feedback and feature suggestions as i want to make this tool like a decent alternative to existing editors. I’d appreciate your input on it!


Download:ย http://wzl.vg/src/LevelUpv0.5.zip

For more specific info visitย http://wzl.vg/wiki/index.php?title=LevelUp


6 Responses to “Levelup Tilemap editor”

  1. Cipher says:

    Looks promising,I’ve been looking for a tiled alternative! :)

    • wzl says:

      Sweet, i hope i do your expectations justice ๐Ÿ˜€

      I just added XML export today and created template code for importing in FlashPunk.
      Download and template can both be found here: http://wzl.vg/wiki/index.php?title=LevelUp

      • Cipher says:

        This is looking good. clicking new doesn’t clear the current screen and how do you delete tiles?. Now the good things, looks nice, easy to use ui , the editor is very well made exporting to xml works but maybe add a popup box to say “Done” or something cause i spammed the export button thinking it wasn’t working ^_^. Keep it up!

      • Cipher says:

        Also, the ability to drag the red box to place many tiles at once is amazing. I don’t remember if tiled had that but just saying it is an awesome feature to have. The xml generated is pretty easy to understand so using this in other languages would be very easy. Which is a big plus.

        • wzl says:

          Thanks for mentioning the inconsistencies you found. I’m still working on making this as intuitive as possible.
          I will consider some kind of feedback once compilation is successful, that was bugging me aswell =]
          That dragbox feature is actually kind of taken from tiled. one of the things it did extremely well. I did enhance it, so when you use normal tools it selects a random tile from the tilematrix to have an easier time drawing backgrounds or fill areas quickly
          The next version that is probably due by tomorrow will have an interface overhaul and includes a bit more functionality.
          no spoilers yet, but here’s a teaser image ๐Ÿ˜€


        • wzl says:

          Also, i want to bring this to a reasonable state before the next LD, i’d be glad if you could spam this around a bit if you like it, so i get a bit more feedback on what people would like to see ๐Ÿ˜€

          Thanks again mate <3

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