Yay! Oh wait.

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November 29th, 2012 9:58 pm

I was really looking forward to LD25. I’ve only been in LD23 and 24 and my games for both of those competitions were, how should I say this, TERRIBLE. I had fun, but the games were extremely buggy an not even fun to play.

So I was really hoping that this time I actually could make something that was at least decent. But then I found out that I had things to do on December 15. At first I was like: NOOOOOOOOO. But then I remembered that I could still enter the jam. I wanted to enter the 48 hour compo and I still loose a day so I basically only have 48 hours still.

But at least I get one day to plan my game out a bit or something. Plus I don’t have to follow as many rules in the jam. :)

Another thing I just realized is that the jam rules even say “This is helpful for those times real life gets in the way” and I guess this is one of those times.

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  1. TomK32 says:

    Hey, you finished. Twice. That’s bug #1 solved. Bug #2 (fun) is something I rarely solve.

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