You saved the princess!

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November 26th, 2012 6:12 pm

The Charity Game Jam was a huge success. Our initial fundraising goal was $250 and as you can see, we destroyed it! Mission accomplished. Achievement unlocked. Boss battle won. Princess saved. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, EVERYONE! I’m humbled and grateful for all your enthusiasm, hard work, and generosity. Should we do this again next year?
Play The Games Here! | Keynote Video | Announcement Post

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14 Responses to “You saved the princess!”

  1. ZeDrak says:

    Is it alright if games are finished a bit late? :)

  2. AD-Edge says:

    Great stuff, that initial goal was destroyed! (As was the 2nd reset goal(s))

    Should certainly do it again this time next year :)

  3. AtkinsSJ says:

    “Should we do this again next year?” YES!

    This jam was so much fun. Thank you very much for organising it. 😀 And it raised money for charity, what more could we want?

  4. ratking says:

    I’m a little bit disappointed that there are 72 games made, but only 19 were submitted to Also there are many games I couldn’t play because of the framework and me using Opera.

    • Attrition says:

      Maybe I was being a bit dense, but I was confused about the submission process. I first submitted to the ludum dare main site (as normal), but then later realized that doesn’t get your game on the website. I understand the process can’t be streamlined as such, but there should be text encouraging people to submit to both places.

      • McFunkypants says:

        Agree wholeheartedly.

        This is the major feature in my “2013 version two WISHLIST” todo.

        We’re hoping to someday have compo data export to JSON working so that my proposed “Ludum Dare API” =D would allow apps/companion sites to Ludum Dare – think custom viewers for screenshots or even mobile (voting? playing) the possibilities are endless and the future looks bright. html screenscraping isn’t something we want to be doing. Nice simple txt export of LD submissions data would allow for all sorts of fun infographics, viewers, tickers, tweet-bots to do all sorts of amazing stuff during each compo.

    • 7Soul says:

      I didn’t even know I could submit it here too.
      Did it now :3

    • Nsmurf says:

      I *only* submitted to the LD site, because the submission process didn’t work for me. I want to do it again next year, but without a confusing submission process.

  5. Cipher says:

    The people have spoken! WE WANT MOAR! xD

  6. Attrition says:

    Definitely do it again next year. This year was a lot of fun and it had a good start, we can raise even more if we keep pushing.

  7. Hyde Wyvern says:

    I loved it! This was my first jam ever and I had so much fun :) I had problems compiling my game in Html5 so I had to leave it as an .exe and put the download link…I wonder if it is ok?

    BTW My game is called “El Cadejo: A Guatemalan Horror Story”

  8. Garfeild says:

    Definitely repeat! It was amazing LD.

  9. goerp says:

    Definitely worth a repeat.
    But could we add one more thing to the wishlist?
    With the regular Ludum page you can leave feedback. That’s something I really like.

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