First public demo of ‘Super Theft Auto’

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November 25th, 2012 9:05 am

I have version 0.5c of ‘Super Theft Auto’ now available for public testing/playing/things.

The title screen!

The game is my take on having a game like GTA2 on the NES (or at least a 3D Funkytron console) I havent really kept as close to the NES specs as I would have liked, but I think its turning out ok so far, its been a lot of fun to work on if anything.

Theres not much to the gameplay. I still need to add some major features in. But theres some initial pedestrians now, a title screen, various other much needed improvements – I can see this actually being a game sometime in the near future. I really need to add the car system in though, the map is quite large (spent too much time working on that tonight). Its too much to explore fully on foot.


Ludum Dare tip #9354 – Dont attempt to build a city

You can find the game embedded in this page[LINK]

Youll need to install the ‘Burster’ web plugin to use it (unfortunately Mac is not supported), but Linix and Windows (64&32bit) will both run it fine. The plugin is a ~26mb download, and is easy to install. Theres instructions & links to download it on the page I made for the game.

Feedback would be great, I know theres not much of a game, but Ill take any crits or suggestions. Also knowing if the Burster plugin install is a smooth process for you would be great as well. I hate having to install a plugin to play a game as much as the next person, but Ive tried to make the page as helpful as possible.


v0.5c in action


Anyway, its past 2am where I live, and Ive been running on 2-3 hours sleep all day (was a bit night saturday night). Im starting to see random flickers/objects in my vision, so a good indicator to get sleep I believe! Plus programming in this state is so slow and frustrating Id be better off sleeping.

Im not sure how much Ill be able to get done in the final hours tomorrow, but I hope to at least implement a few more crucial features (like death and a points systems) – We will see!

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2 Responses to “First public demo of ‘Super Theft Auto’”

  1. Madball says:

    Oh my god. While trying to figure out the controls, I pressed E and knocked down the screen. It took a while to make it lie not on the front side, but it was rotated 90 degrees. You made the right choise when you made the controls “forward, backward, rotate left, rotate right”, but not “up, down, left, right”.

    What exactly is made for now? I could only walk around and throw balls (rofl). I saw a car that has gone crazy. The graphics seem okay, but parts of textrures don’t fit perfectly. And I saw BGOD (Blue Ground of Death).

    Even if you won’t have enough time, please finish this game. I would like to see the finished version.

  2. AD-Edge says:

    Glad to hear you like it Madball. I know the controls/setup are a bit odd, considering the game is within a game I wanted to have some functionality outside in the 3D world. Will probably have to change some of that however.
    The ball throwing was really just a test to push the screen around to show it can be more dynamic, ie you can hit it and send it flying and the game will still be on the screen running fine!

    You should read though the controls on the page though, that would have made things clearer!

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