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November 24th, 2012 7:25 am

Heinous Yak Destruction is going fairly well. I’m quite pleased with my little yak character. Turns out that small size + only 3 colours per sprite = really easy art. 😀

If you feel like being a giant yak, wandering a randomly generated (but currently rather dull) city, you can play here. I update the version on the site every so often.

Currently you can’t destroy anything, so you can start the game stuck in a building. Press ‘r’ until you get a city that lets you move.


Still to do:

  • More buildings
  • Heinous Destruction!
  • People running in terror
  • The military coming and trying to stop your aforementioned heinous destruction.
  • Sound
  • Music

So basically, all the things that make it a game rather than a remote-controlled-giant-yak simulator.

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  1. belk says:

    Gave it a shot, can’t wait until I can blow some stuff up :)

    Keep going!

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