A day has passed and still no progress. What now?

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November 24th, 2012 3:30 pm

Mohammad here. I guess I better get started this Mini-LD if I wanna do somthing. But with a lack of gamemaker, Blander, and Other programming skills, it seems like I’ll be doing a text-based adventure game made in ruby! Yeah, I know, Pretty dumb and basic, but c’mon, how bad can it be? Besides, with one 2 days left, and the knolage of ruby and javascript, I don’t have much of a choice, considering either languages have good code graphics wise. So, to save time, (And because ruby and javascript is not very good graphics wise) I will simple get started on the olden days of the text based video games about a man stuck in a room. Happy Mini-LD to all! Mohammad out.

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  1. mohammad says:

    Or if I can aquire a back up of gamemaker, a few DooM sprites, and some half life models, then were good to go.

  2. mohammad says:

    When I learn C++, im going to download unity and use that from now on. Unity rocks.

  3. jacobalbano says:

    Javascript is great for graphics. You can do canvas drawing, WebGL, or a 3d lib like three.js. So is Ruby, if you use rbSFML or RubyGame.


    Unity doesn’t use C++, it uses C#, Boo and Javascript. I don’t think it’s even possible to write a DLL for Unity in C++.

    As far as the Half Life models you mentioned…you know that even in the jam you can’t use copyrighted materials. Just because Half Life is old doesn’t mean it’s public domain, and it would actually be illegal for you to distribute the models in your own game.

  4. If you want to write a text adventure in Ruby, you’re reinventing the wheel.

    See http://inform7.com which is a dedicated text adventure language.

    • mohammad says:

      I don’t even like text adventures. I’d rather do a 3-D game, but due to lack of programming knowlage, and on such short notice, it seems i’ll be skipping this LD.

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