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Chrome not playing nice with Funkytron

Posted by (twitter: @Zathalos)
November 23rd, 2012 8:49 pm

Hey guy, I’m about an hour into my Charity Game Jam game and I’ve tried running my HTML5 project in the funkytron. I’m using Game Maker: Studio Professional with the HTML5 plugin. For some reason, when running it in a chrome browser I get weird effects like scrollbars and blurry sprites:

However running it in Firefox is fine. Anyone else have similar problems? Or is it just how chrome works?

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4 Responses to “Chrome not playing nice with Funkytron”

  1. Nsmurf says:

    I have issues with the funkytron as well, but I’m coding in flash.

    For me the problem is that my game displays ON TOP of the line things on the screen.

    I’m using firefox.

    For the scrollbars, you might want to try making your game in a 512 by 488 window.

    Good luck!

  2. orangepascal says:

    running my html5 game in Chrome and don’t see the problems (on OSX, so that might be another difference)

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