Who would be interested in a different type of ld challenge

Posted by (twitter: @shubshub11)
November 20th, 2012 7:06 pm

I Just had an Idea of a New type of Ludum Dare

Basically you use a Game Development program that I will develop Prior to the Challenge and then you use that to come up with the Best game using its limited capabilities

Im just wondering who would be interested in such a challenge?

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  1. FelipeTavares says:

    Can you share more about it?? Language, framework, source code license….

  2. shubshub says:

    It would be a drag and drop interface
    I dont know what defines a framework
    No source code
    What do you mean by the license

    • FelipeTavares says:

      The framework is only if you will use it, if not… no framework. Framework is a piece of code (library) that simplifies some of the repetitive work than sometimes we need to make.
      The licence is if you will permit programs made in this Enviroment (your software) to be paid or not.

  3. jacobalbano says:

    How exactly do you propose to build this tool? What features would it have that would convince us to use it? Have you used it to make a game yet?

    I find this whole plan fairly implausible.

  4. DrPetter says:

    I’ve thought about this as well, several times. In principle, it should be fun, but in practice you will probably only get a handful participants at best. Most people like to use tools they’re familiar with, or ones that they’ve been hoping to learn. Since your editor will almost certainly be very limited and specific to some classes of games, it might not appeal to many.

    If you look at it as a way to quickly get to the game design aspect though, and finding a creative way to make a neat result with arbitrarily limited tools, it should be perfectly valid regardless of whether the tools are as potent as Game Maker, or if it’s essentially just a level editor with some extra parameters.

    Might as well try it in the form of a small unofficial jam, but I don’t think it could become a large event unless you’ve proven the tool to be interesting/capable/attractive enough for many people to be interested. The point would be to use it as a focused game design exercise, and embrace strict limitations.

  5. sorceress says:

    If you host a mini-LD at some stage, you will have full control over what the challenge consists of. Although it’s probably wise to not stray too far off the beaten track, else you risk alienating potential contestants.

    read :- LD has never placed any restrictions on language.

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