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November 15th, 2012 4:31 am

So this is the first playable demo of what was my October challenge(Clearly not finished in time). Anyways, i decided to pick it up last night and I’ve got it to a playable state(I think???) . I’d really appreciate it if some people could play it and give me some feed back as this is one of the first games I’ve finished

Here’s the link…

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4 Responses to “First Playable Demo”

  1. ridhwaan08 says:

    Hey Kix

    Nice game I got my score to 301
    some thoughts:
    -when I clicked on the start screen it did not work for about 10 seconds before it came(I thought it wasn’t working)
    -1 more thing is the house on the bottom of the screen does nothing when I click on it

    just my two cents

    overall I was impressed I first thought it would be really crappy but turned out nicely

    • Kix says:

      Hey thanks for the feedback,

      I’m not sure why that happened to you, it’s never done that for me. And as for the house at the bottom, that was going to be for selecting different kinds of towers, i just didn’t add that yet.

  2. AyCe says:

    I see this for so many Java games: The coffee icon. Just use window.setIconImage([load icon image]); to get one. ^^

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