Ludum Dare Gift Exchange 2012

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November 14th, 2012 12:32 am

It’s that time of the year again. So I welcome you all to the ho-ho-holy Ludum Dare gift exchange 2012, for the third time ever with merry cheerfullness and cookies.

Everyone who already knows the drill, just head down to the subscription link over here. Everyone else, do that too but keep reading.

So now 2 years ago a little fella called philhassey started this super cool ludum dare gift exchange. Some people might know this as “secret santa”. But we do it internationally throughout the whole community. It is super fun and all of you who have a little cash to spare should join these awesome festive activities.

So what you gotta do is, to keep around $50 (or €50, or whatever currency you have) to have ready to buy a present plus ship it overseas to your fellow ludumdarer.

Here is the quick timeline:

  • subscribe to the event
  • go shopping. Buy a present from your local area that you think other people overseas might like, because they can’t get something like that over where they live.
  • Pack it all up
  • Wait for your email with the address of the fellow person you will send the present to
  • Go to the nearest post office and send the package overseas
  • Wait until your very own overseas present arrives and be happy

Beware that the shipping can cost up to $30, though usually around $25 is okay, leaving you with another $25 for the present itself. But you can always spend more on the person, if you like so.

Pro Tipp: Maybe also add something you might consider just stuff from around. Old magazines that no one could get overseas, maybe some cool flyers and some postcards, maybe you even have an old programming book in your language to spare? I also like to add random local candy and teas, as it’s always fun for people to see what we do overseas.

Any questions? Just answer to the mails you get from the system, or just comment in here, so I will try to answer everything on time.

Go subscribe here

17 Responses to “Ludum Dare Gift Exchange 2012”

  1. johnfn says:

    The last time that I did this, I never got a gift from my participant. :(

    Is there any way you guys could improve the system so that that has less of a chance of happening?

  2. joekinley says:

    Don’t worry. Your case has not been forgotten and I actually work actively on this matter so you will still get your gift. So it’s all in the works.

  3. When’s the last day for subscribing?

  4. joekinley says:

    Its around the end of november. So subscribe early. It’s fun

  5. KodeSource says:

    For the last three years I keep getting the address for somebody named ‘Joe Kinley’? Ha, jk
    This sounds fun, and a great way to experience a little of other people’s culture.

  6. Xam says:

    So the E-mail I got says “22. Nov. 2012 – You get the e-mail with the address of your gift partner” and I have yet to receive one. Its not in spam or anything like that. Just curious if I didn’t get a name or if I need to continue waiting.

  7. ArsenioDev says:

    Hey guys im in! i dont know what to gift!!!!

  8. Jorjon says:

    I have the address! I will send the package next week, I didn’t buy anything yet..

  9. goerp says:

    Package sent! Had to spend half the money for postage, though.

  10. angela says:

    Just signed up! Hope I’m not too late :) I have some great gift ideas.

  11. DavidErosa says:

    I just signed up too, is it too late?

  12. mnem says:

    Whoops, I just signed up too and saw on the email I should have sent a package last month :) Do we just wait till next year now?

    That’ll teach me to leave things till the last minute…

    • KevinWorkman says:

      No, you should still send it out. It’s better for us to receive something months late than nothing at all. I haven’t received anything despite spending quite a bit of money on the gift I sent out (I know that’s not the point, but it is irksome). Who knows, maybe your late gift can be a birthday present instead of a christmas present!

  13. whilefun says:

    I’ve stopped receiving mails from the system. What should I do? I received the first one, and clicked that I shipped my package. But I haven’t received another one.

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