Real World Ludum Dare 25 Gatherings

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November 13th, 2012 9:10 am

While Ludum Dare is traditionally an online event (make a game from the comfort of your home), many real world happen around Ludum Dare. Currently we are up to 21 gatherings:

Post a comment letting me know where an event is, include a link to further details, and I’ll add it to the list.

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  1. BretHudson says:

    I’m most likely going to host one in Minnesota. Not sure where yet, I’ll keep you updated.

  2. deepnight says:

    Once again, we shall meet at our company, Motion Twin in Bordeaux, France. I still need few confirmations to announce any free spot, I will keep you updated too :)

  3. irl says:

    There will be a gathering at the Kings College Campus, University of Aberdeen, Scotland organised by the Aberdeen University Computing Science Society. Details as they are available at: including link to contact information.

  4. TomK32 says:

    Here’s Vienna, Austria:

    And if I find a few people to join me and a location also in Linz, Austria.

  5. outlawpoet says:

    There will be a gathering for the theme announcement at Crashspace in Los Angeles, and the space will be full of participants all weekend:

  6. I am planning on hosting a little something in or around Bonifay, Fl, or if more people are located in Panama City, FL area, I may try to host it down there. I just need to find out if there are any LD members around this area. Bonifay is about an hour south of Dothan, AL; hour north of Panama City, FL, and Panama City Beach, FL. Almost two hours west of Tallahassee, FL, and almost two hours east of Pensacola. So is there anyone within reasonable distance to either Bonifay or Panama City? If there is some interest I will go ahead and make sure I have a building available for x amount of people.

    -Digital Maniac / Michael Ward

  7. pizzalicious says:

    There will be an LD25 gathering in Richmond, Virginia. Go to for details.

  8. solkar says:

    Anything around Helsinki? Come on finns, I’m newbie here!

  9. My Milked Eek says:

    Anyone in Belgium up for a pre-drink or a post-drink?

  10. myachin says:

    LD25 Gathering in Omsk, Russia:

  11. Peter Cooper says:

    Awww, man, the London one is already filled up.

    Hopefully there will be more in the UK that aren’t more than several hours from where I am (sorry Aberdeen ;-)).

  12. timgarbos says:

    We will do something in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  13. laaph says:

    The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (, in Oakland, CA (just across the bay from San Francisco!) will be hosting a real-world gathering. It’s not on the schedule yet, and it’s quite likely we won’t get to run rampant there at all hours (ie, you will have to leave at night), but something will happen there.

    Also, to all gamers in the bay area, if you haven’t checked out the Made, you should. More dork history crammed in to one space than you’ll ever find anywhere else. They’ve got all sorts of systems from all sorts of eras from the ColecoVision to the NES to modern (but not exactly this year modern) systems – but here is the kicker – they have things that WORK! Yes, their ColecoVision, their Atari, their NeoGeo works. Amazing but true. Go visit them during visiting hours (which is usually Saturday and Sunday but go see their webpage for exact details).

  14. Skoggy says:

    I’m hosting one at:

    Sweden, Borås – InnovationLab


  15. csanyk says:

    Cleveland Game Developers in Cleveland, OH will be organizing a meetup for our LD25:

  16. Skoggy says:

    Unfortunately the gathering in Borås, Sweden is cancelled.
    More info:

  17. Bonifay, FL is on will have a comment up tomorrow with a link to the details.

  18. Contact Page for the Bonifay, FL Meetup. More information will be added as the week progresses. Here is the link:

  19. bms says:

    Hi all!
    We will be organizing a gathering for LD25 as CClub of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

    Contact: You can contact me or send an e-mail via the CClub web page.
    More Info:

  20. psycotica0 says:

    Kwartzlab, a HackerSpace in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada will be hosting a gathering.

    I don’t think anything will be provided but space, power, wifi, and company.


  21. laaph says:

    Hi guys,

    I noticed you put the link for MADE to the comment I posted. It would be awesome if you could link it to where you can find more information about the space (importantly, how to get there). We are still sorting out the scheduling but we have the space for large amounts of time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (note that Sat/Sun are MADE’s open hours so random people may come and go). I expect the calendar will reflect the event tomorrow.

    However, the real reason I came back to comment is that it would be awesome if you would email me at jbell(insertthenumeralfor nine here)@ and let me know if you are coming! While I have a guess of how many people will show up, it would be nice if I have a better estimate so I can plan accordingly.


  22. fhoenig says:

    2 locations in Austria, very cool. Greetings to Linz from San Francisco!

  23. I wish somebody would host one in Pennsylvania! :(

  24. keenblaze says:

    Ludum Dare 25 Spb Gathering

    Russia, Saint-Petersburg –

  25. davidwparker says:

    If anyone around Denver, Colorado or Boulder, Colorado want to meet up, let me know. My username AT gmail

  26. Elisée says:

    We’ll be jamming all over the country with CraftStudio but a few of us will be at La Plage Digitale in Strasbourg, France. Feel free to join :)

  27. ccscanf says:

    Norway, Oslo:

    Once again Bitraf will be hosting a Ludum Dare jam at its venue near Alexander Kiellands plass in Oslo:

  28. MichaelOverhorst says:

    Nothing in The Netherlands? *bummer*

  29. oscuro1987 says:

    Anyone in Brussels, Belgium?

  30. kgb says:

    Any indiedevs in the Detroit Michigan area ?

  31. deepnight says:

    We have 1 or 2 slots in Bordeaux, France ! Contact me : ldbordeaux ..AT.. deepnight ..DOT.. net

  32. Gaeel says:

    We’re a bit late with the ball here but:
    Building 16, Université Montpellier 2, Montpellier, France

  33. wilbefast says:

    Gaeel speaks the truth – here’s the university’s press release page about the event (in French only I’m afraid):

    We’ll also plan to stream the event as of saturday afternoon at:

    It’ll be a fairly multidisciplinary event with mostly CS students from various different establishments (IUT and FdS for those in the know) plus some professionals (Guillaume from Swing Swing), a game-commentator (Pierrec from and a couple from the Arts university doing cinema and game design respectively.

    It’s gunna be ossum 😀

  34. lando walters says:

    there needs to be one in vancouver canada 😛

  35. olkeencole says:

    We’re going to have a number of teams here at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas hosted in the Digital Humanities Lab. We’ll try to get a live streaming feed going when it starts.

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