JengAR – new version

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November 13th, 2012 2:49 am

I’ve just published new version of my Ludum Dare October Challenge game on google play. Previous version required to print and assemble cuboid marker.

Now I’m using other library that can use anything as marker.

Here’s new gameplay video:


And link for LITE version:


I already have reports that it works slugish on some devices (Google Nexus and HTC Desire Z). Guys and gals – I’m waiting for your reports :)

Next – some obviously needed optimizations and iOS version.

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14 Responses to “JengAR – new version”

  1. michax says:

    Neat idea! Would be awesome to implement local multiplayer :) Or is it there already ?

  2. nosfer says:

    I have it in my plans using qualcomm’s AllJoyn library

  3. KevinWorkman says:

    This is great. Do you have a website/twitter/facebook I can follow and link people to?

  4. mohammad says:

    Dude, with programming power like that, i’m confused at why you HAD to use unity!

    • nosfer says:

      the short answer is: time :) I don’t have time to write my own framework with physics, cameras, gui, touch control, sound management etc. etc., also I don’t have patience – I like quick prototypes that just work and go from them further.And there’s also portability factor – I’m hoping for fast employment to iOS devices :). Just got hands on my first macbook, now I have to obtain some iOS device (ipod touch probably).

  5. KevinWorkman says:

    Here’s a picture of my cat knocking over my JengAR tower, submitted for your enjoyment:

  6. panda says:

    Wow, that looks impressive! What a great idea!

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