A late October Challenge Post Mortem

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November 7th, 2012 1:02 pm

Game Over, man !

Hi to everybody. Here is my post mortem for The Princess Digs Zombies, the game I made for the October Challenge 2012.

First, the result : I failed… I finished and submitted the game on Kongregate about 10 days before the end of the challenge but didn’t manage to make a dollar. On November 1, I was at $0.51 in revenue.

What went wrong :

– I completely underestimated ( again ) the time I needed to finish the game.

– I was so worried of not having enough time to make money on Kongregate that I published too early and didn’t play test the game enough. I missed a huge design flaw that was of course immediately spotted by players. From that moment the game never got better review than 2 stars ( and rightly so ) and could therefore never attract enough people.

– design flaw : I was so obsessed about how I wanted the game to be played that I could never imagine that their would be other ways to play it. There was : just push up and you can beat the game in no time, not even looking at the screen. So the problem was not only that I didn’t take enough time to play test the game, but I should also have had it tested by others

What went well :

– I had fun !

– I finished something in time and submitted it !

– I made not only 1 but 2 products ! There is the game of course but I am now also selling the ASCII console tool I developed for it on the Unity Asset Store. Look for TrueColor CP437 in the Asset Store if you are interested in it. Or checke the web page.


Well, if you went that far, thank you for reading. Congrats to everybody who participated. See you for the next miniLD !



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  1. 7heSAMA says:

    I… don’t know how to play this game.

  2. Oye Beto says:

    I can’t play it because I’m at work but the “Game Over” text looks amazing!

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