Fission Mailed

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November 2nd, 2012 12:49 pm

So my October Challenge goal to launch a Kickstarter for Another Castle hasn’t quite made it. I’ve made a lot of progress on the game this month, and I’ve just released a new version, 0.04.

I have all of the basic functionality in the game now, but I want to take some more time to polish the Kickstarter pitch to be as awesome as possible. I feel this is important as the campaign will pretty much make or break whether I’ll be able to complete the game. I mainly want to add, or at least concept, some of the more flashy things in the game, such as a flame thrower, freeze ray, jet pack, and some awesome looking enemies. My target now is to launch the Kickstarter either Nov. 29 or Dec. 6.

Here’s a vid showing off the new version which I released today:

And as always you can play the current prototype at

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  1. Jorjon says:

    +1 for the original title of this post.

  2. henharm says:

    What would be great is if this game evolved as you played it, based off of which preloaded chunk you died in, which will cause the game to generate that particular block more often.

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