Blob Cannon – Midnight Tinkerings first game.

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November 1st, 2012 5:31 am

Hello everyone,

We’d like the chance to introduce you to our first released game, ‘Blob Cannon’.
Blob Cannon Trailer

To summarize this project, it’s designed to be a fun, challenging arcade feeling title that has you battling through stages to not only try to post your highscore, but to try and even complete it (in a fun way, not a frustrating way ^^).

Here is a screenshot, followed by some core components of our game.

Preview of the final stage

STATS – You can choose which to gain after leveling up your character.
MONUMENTS – Find these to gain a bonus for their represented stat for the current stage.
POWERUPS – 3 different types of powerups can be found by destroying obstacles.
One type of powerup is a bonus powerup where you can gain additional lives or cannons to use.
The second type, is a Trait. These you can equip to give your character additional abilities.
The third type, is a Power. These enchant your cannon with their powers after activation.
Further details can be found at : Blob Cannon Ludum Dare October challenge 2012
And instructions can be found here (they are also in-game) Blob Cannon Instructions

If this holds your interest at all, please try out the game and share with us your experience.

You can play this game online at our site : Midnight Tinkering – Blob cannon
And if you enjoy your experience with the game and would like to support our future projects, please consider purchasing the game (for any amount you would like ^^) here : (Now just available for free- Purchase Blob Cannon )

I had to concentrate on testing the functionality, mechanics and overall gameplay of the game for the period of development, as well as testing bugs and issues that popped up, because of this most of the scaling of exp/points were rough estimations, and the pacing may be off.
I would love for those who try out this game to please share your experiences here, and give feedback on how the game felt.
I’d also like you to report any bugs you find, and I’ll monitor any bugs found and update the games page with them as I fix them.
(The project will be updated online continuously however the download at Sellbox will only be updated after a large amount of changes, or important changes occur, at which point I’ll update the Sellbox link on the web games page – though I’m more than happy to update the link earlier if asked ^^).

I really hope you take the time to try our game and share your feelings on how you felt playing it, I look forward to your responses, thank you very much for taking your time to read this.
Now I’m off to take a breather, count how many gray hairs I’ve gained, and how much hair I haven’t pulled out, and then I can start playing the game myself, and enjoy it without watching the clock every 10 seconds :).

[update] Only minor, but just found out that I can update/replace files where my file is being taken for Sellbox, and so I’ll be able to easily update that when I make any changes to the web version (I won’t have to add new sale/change links anywhere, etc), which is really really awesome.
On that note just fixed a couple things I found – exiting from pause menu didn’t work and your cannons still collided with an owl after it was trapped in a bubble.

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