Newbie Conviction

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October 31st, 2012 7:15 pm

I would like to introduce you to our October Challenge game: Newbie Conviction.

We’ve been living in a Jam for the last month trying to finish this game on time. Its development began 3 months ago and we rushed ourselves to make it on time when we heard about the October Challenge.

Newbie Conviction is a Post-apocalyptic Steampunk Hacking Simulator in wich you take the role of Newbie, a young hacker that helps the Resistance to fight against a cyborg menace on a distant distopic future. We recognize that the gameplay is very strange, and it can be difficult to learn how to play since discovering the core mechanics intends to be a puzzle itself, but at least, we are happy to come up with something original.

It’s the first time we try to make some money from making games, and being aware that the final result is far away from being professional we opt for a humble way of earning our first dollar: Donations with a reward. We packed up a collection of goods such as a 30 page  Artbook, Original Soundtrack, the Source code, A Cubeecraft of the main character, and more! Donators will access the reward via Sellbox.

We learnt a lot with this project, as being our first medium-big project, with an estimated duration of 2~3 hours. We learnt most of all about the DON’Ts of Game Design and Game Development in general. Also a bout the limitations of browser based games (Too much content for such a small platform, and too bad optimization too :P). We grew a lot as a team, and that’s reward enough for these 3 months of work, but a dollar will make us even happier 😀


-> Play Newbie Conviction <-

(Only for Chrome)

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  1. midgard says:

    I fucking love this game.

    I’m paying tomorrow. Good job guys. Hope to see you in a new entry, called “Thanks for the $upport” 😛

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