‘Modo does a little Marketing Madness

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October 28th, 2012 12:54 pm

Sooo… as much as we all would like to just concentrate on making stuff, marketing is an essential part of bringing a product out there. That’s why I made these here for my game… Don’t know yet what to do with them, maybe post them somewhere? It’s blatant spam though, I would suppose. I hope you guys here forgive the shameless plug in the spirit of October Challenge:

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  1. jovoc says:

    Nice ads! You might want to try a version with a screenshot in place of the QR codes, that may perform better.

    If you’re willing to display ads (maybe a free version) check out TapForTap. I added their SDK, it was pretty easy to add on iOS, they have an Android version too but I don’t know much about that. For every time someone taps an app from an ad in my game, they will give me one tap in return (or maybe it’s .8 taps or something, which is still a great ratio). This seems like a good option for ppl like me who have zero acquisition budget.

    Sign up with this referral link and I’ll get some free taps: http://r.tapfortap.com/P37Ep (see what I did there? now THAT was spammy. You’re not being very spammy at all).

    good luck!

  2. Zelen3d says:

    Trying to be constructive here, Your ads should be more colorful and should represent better your game. Just having a representation of a level and the logo would be great. People would understand that it’s a puzzle game, but would wonder about the mechnism and click the add.

    And I don’t mean to hate, but these ads REALLY don’t go with your game style. They are messed-up and repulsive, and clash with the esthetical beauty you have acheived in your game.

    Whatever you do, good luck with your marketing.

  3. Zelen3d says:

    Sorry for the a bit rude comment, I think that your game has much potential, and you will succeed anyway, just a bit faster with a good ad.

  4. amodo says:

    Alright, Zelen3d, thanks, noted. I do realize they’re not everyone’s taste – it was my aim to go controversial here, for a game that is absolutely cute and harmless in itself, and because of your comment i’m now considering a second set, with some in-game details, more in the aesthetic of the game 😉

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