Announcing miniLD for charity Nov. 23-25

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October 25th, 2012 1:00 am

Please join us on Friday, November 23rd at 5PM PDT (midnight GMT) to kick off the first ever Ludum Dare Charity Game Jam!


This year, we’re going to be fundraising for a wonderful charity, the Make-a-Wish foundation ( These fine folks do small acts of kindness for children who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

They do all sorts of small, tangible, immediate things like send families to disney world, build awesome playforts in people’s back yard made to look like the millenium falcon, or let kids have one special day where they can get out of the hospital and experience something amazing.

Like the one girl who just wanted to touch snow once in her life, or the little boy who always dreamed of going on a helicopter ride.

This year were going to keep things small and informal: we won’t be accepting any money and instead will operate on the honour system.

Just give money to the make-a-wish foundation using the button on the website once it goes live to let us know about it. This way, we don’t have to hire accountants or deal with service charges or tax receipts.

Donations are 100% OPTIONAL, and if you don’t have any money to give, that’s totally cool. Just your time and effort making a game or signing up to our alternative charity, KIVA, will help out and won’t cost you a cent.

The theme of this year’s jam is super fun: the retro awesomeness and technical restrictions of the NES – the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM.

All games that are html5, flash or unity will be able to run inside a special virtual console called the FUNKYTRON, which is really just a fancy frameset. For non-web games, you can simply use this 640×675 overlay image on top of your graphics¬†and put your game at 32,32 underneath it. For web games, download this template html to make your life easier.

Click for full size.

There’s a 64 color palette and specific low resolution (256×224 with DOUBLED PIXELS for a total size of 512×448) you should use. But ALL the rules are totally optional. We mostly just want you to have fun.

Have tons of fun making retro 8-bit style game, throw some cash at a very worthy children’s charity, spread the love, jam for good, and make some games!

Donate to MAKE-A-WISH foundation children’s charity:

Join our KIVA team (free for you and we get $25 bonus to give away)

Thank you, everyone!

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89 Responses to “Announcing miniLD for charity Nov. 23-25”

  1. droptable1 says:

    I’m in :) first time taking part of ld.

  2. Stingray Polymathic says:

    Amusing progress report: using a combination of background layers to get higher-precision tile co√∂rdinates to display score works pretty well. Except when one of the layers is scrolling and you haven’t implemented HDMA-equivalent yet.

  3. sorceress says:

    I’ve created the submissions page for the jam and added the links to the post.

  4. 7Soul says:

    Hey man, I found a solution to people having scroll bars or the game scrolling inside the Funkytron on Chrome

    You need to add this to index.html:
    ::-webkit-scrollbar {
    display: none;

    and this to game.html:
    body {
    position: fixed;


  5. McFunkypants says:

    Another solution to scrollbars:

    Check the html that GM/etc produces. Is the canvas the ONLY element, or are there extra divs and text in the way? For example, default UNITY exports have extra junk divs with text in them.

    Is the CSS telling everything to have
    padding:0; margin:0; border:0;

    Is the body style overflow:hidden;

    That should do the trick.

  6. Nsmurf says:

    If the game jam is November 23-25, why dose say “The Game Jam is over. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!”?

  7. Zccc says:

    I made an entry, but it is my first time working with construct 2 and html 5 games, so I dont know how to export them or put it in the Funkytron! Can someone help?

  8. goerp says:

    I knew I read somewhere how to get rid of the scrollbars. It was here! Thanks. Now I can post it on the funkytron.

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