October Challenge Update

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October 24th, 2012 3:35 am

Yikes, not long now. I better stop watching ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and get some work done! For the ship, I thought to myself “What would a Formula one car look like in space?”. Small hull with big engines! Unfortunately I wasn’t overly happy with the look due to the engines looking like rubbish bins, plus it didn’t look brilliant shrunk down. I was fairly happy with the sleek body of the ship though. I decided to make the engines shorter and more angular to make the ship look more ‘evil’. “The new design looks kind of like a swooping bird of prey” as Brad put it. I added some detail to the hull like extra scratches and lights. I used blender 3D for the final design so that the left and right animation would be easier to create. Here is the original and new design side by side:

I was really big on the idea of the ship having lights that affected the asteroids, so I kept pestering Brad to create some kind of lighting system. I sent him a bunch of images of the same asteroid being affected by light from each side to help him test it out. Read about how he got on with that here.

Musically the app is almost finished I think. The merging of styles and genres worked very well with the increasing speed of tempo. Below is a sample of the progress thus far:


My main focus now is sound effects and space backgrounds. An update on them in my next post.

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