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October 24th, 2012 3:13 am

The Princess Digs Zombies

It is the near future of our distant past – the galaxy is irrelevant. President Ronnie is happy in his castle colored in white.

After years of good service he has decided to marry you, the Prince of Navy Seals, to his beautiful daughter. But on the night before your wedding the princess escapes, leaving only a note :

“The Zombie Lord is cooler than you, nicer than you and smells better than you. So long, bro-dude or dude-bro.”

Incidentally, the next morning, the road to Hell is overrun by zombies.

Time to fight !

On the Road to Hell !!!

Is this the Zombie Lord ?

You can play The Princess Digs Zombies on Kongregate following this link. I hope you will enjoy the game.

4 Responses to “Just Submitted my Game on Kongregate”

  1. PoV says:

    Nice! As a C64 nerd, I love the look. 😀

  2. jujule says:

    Thanks for the kind word. Strangely enough, my first computer was an Amiga 500. Beauty.

  3. eyehawk says:

    This looks amazing! Definitely brings back memories for me of the golden age of gaming in the 80-90s too! :)

  4. Jorjon says:

    The idea was nice, but the gameplay was kinda boring. The only thing I had to do was to press the UP arrow and sometimes LEFT and RIGHT if the enemy was stacking on the sides.

    The upgrade system wasn’t useful at all, because I suppose the squad you sent is a random between the purchased upgrades, and the system automatically tries to buy the higher option first. So the best approach is to buy the last upgrade first, so they all are “priest” that you sent in combat.

    So I keep my UP keyboard for like 15 minutes and suddenly I beaten the game (I don’t know how, there’s no visible indication of progress).

    That said, I really liked the lo-fi graphics. The sound on the other hand, was a little annoying, and didn’t represent what was happening on the screen.

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