Just submitted my game!

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October 23rd, 2012 7:59 pm

October was an exciting ride and everything ended up going smoothly: I made my game and my dollar for the LD October Challenge 2012!

Project highlights:

  • October 1st: Settled early on on creating a cross-platform puzzle game: HTML5 was a no-brainer
  • October 2nd to 5th: Ended up choosing the MelonJS framework and got up to speed in a few days
  • October 8th to 12th: Made the game as fast as I could and iterated on game flow to make it fun
  • October 15th to 19th: Continued game balancing, changed some assets and looked around for sponsors

The game:


What it is about:

Find the key buried in a mountain of gems! Careful, you can only remove gems which color matches the background.

As levels go, more gems cover the ground. Act quickly and swiftly!

What it looks like:

Gem Breaker Thumbnail


Mouse-clicks on desktops, touches on smart handheld devices.

Postmortem / Lessons learnt:

Lacking artistic skills, I did what I could with free assets. The bar will be raised for future jams, I believe games need to look as good as the gameplay is.

Game balance is not there yet, not that it gets boring fast but it feels too linear for now.

There is no story around the game, I tried something with the tutorial but no artistic assets meant little freedom to create an enticing tale.


This is my first game making endeavour and any comment or advice you could give me is greatly appreciated. Drop me a line anytime.


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