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    Reality check with 3 weeks gone

    Posted by (twitter: @dougalicious)
    October 21st, 2012 3:35 pm

    Firstly here is a video of the current state of my game – warts and all. (Sorry about the music it’s a lot louder and cheesier than I realised at 2am when I uploaded the vid)

    After 3 weeks of hardcore developing I’ve come to the conclusion that a full release version is not possible to submit by the end of the month. I hate it when reality slaps you in the face. :(

    But I have deceied to soldier on and still try to do a staggered release

    Here is the plan:

    $0.99 – Public Alpha for Oct challenge includes
    killZ wave mode – You start with 1 bullet. Kill a wave of Zombies then choose to either return to the safehouse and bank everything you have earned or continue to the next wave. If you die you loose everything you earned.
    Stories – 2 pre-made levels to play through and earn Zombie dollars from.
    Create – (testing mode) build 1 level that you can walk around and shoot. 9 Skyboxes
    Practice – A level with unlimited ammo but you don’t earn any Zombie dollars

    $1.99 – Public Beta (TBA) includes
    killZ wave mode
     – 4 pre-made levels
    share stories – download user vreated levels, upload and share your levels. Detailed search engine to focus on levels you’d like to play. Earn Zombie dollars for uploading and downloading.
    create – 4 spare level slots to save WIP levels. More game asset sets to choose from.
    your loot – manage what you take with you into a level you play through.

    $2.99 – Full release (TBA)
    All of the above without the bugs and more level packs.

    $2.99 – future releases (TBA)
    I’ll be working on this game probably for the rest of my life because I’ve made it in such a way that when I feel like making specific style of FPS I can just make new game assets and release a new pack with some pre made levels. That could be a Dead Space style game, Western Zombies or even a Slender Man pack. And then the player can make those levels too.

    I guess what I’d really like to know is are people willing to get in early, save a couple of bucks, play and contribute feedback to a paid public alpha?

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