Damned World

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October 21st, 2012 9:29 am

So, I’m 14 and I don’t really have a lot of time, I’m not sure if I’ll even get the game finished by the end of October, however, the development is going pretty well, the multi-player doesn’t work yet, but I might scrap that, I have saving and loading, an inventory and some crafting!

Here’s a link to anyone who wants to play the current version: Download

Also, to anyone interested here’s my development Twitter

I am open to any suggestions for items and mobs, also the character sprites are not mine and just place holder, the rest are done by me.

Fighting the Skeletons

The bouncing Pumpkins

Crafting a new helmet

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  1. Frederick says:

    Jeez, 14 and you can already do all that D:

    I’m 14 aswell, I probably should have started learning c++ earlier, as right now it’s going to be another 2 or 3 years untill I can make anything worth noting.

    How long have you been programming for? And what language is it written in?

    Also, I like the idea you have, I’d buy it if it had multiplayer! :)

    • DDDBOMBER says:

      Thanks, its written in java, and I’ve been learning for roughly 2 years. I want to do the multiplayer, but alot of what I’ve got so far is pretty terrible :)

      • Puzzlem00n says:

        Dang, there should really be an association for all of us fourteen- year old LDers. Of course, that would be too exclusive… Maybe the “anyone under 15” association?

        (Totally kidding around, by the way, although it isn’t a terrible idea.)

        • JaydenB says:

          What about use 16-year old’s? 😛 Just kidding. I remember finding LudumDare when I was 14 but always thinking I was better than I truly was and never finishing everything. I applaud all of you for doing something I couldn’t make myself learn 2 years ago 😛 Now however, I forced myself into learning xD

          • Puzzlem00n says:

            Ah, well, I’m not doing anything, at least not this October Challenge. If you count the two LD’s I’ve done, then yes, I am the dominant being, and YOU ARE OBSOLETE. Prepare for disintegration. 😉

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