Entering October Challenge…

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October 19th, 2012 12:37 pm

I am entering the October Challenge. Better late then never. One week of vacation should give me enough focus to complete something that is publishable, I hope. I am planing to port my LD24 entry to the android platform as I have been getting my first company smartphone lately and would like to tinker with it anyway.

As my LD24 entry was using only plane Java JDK APIs and pushing every pixel to the screen manually (a raycasting-based software renderer) there was suprisingly no big effort to get the code running on my Galaxy S3. Only the speed was really bad due to not leveraging the GPU in any way. 5 fps made it clear that even some optimization would not get me to a smooth 60 fps easily. So, I am planning to reuse the general game-idea and architecture to build a simple 3D game using OpenGL ES 2.0. I am not sure if the theme will keep the same, but I am planing on mainly tinkering with some lighting, shadowing and physics. Whatever theme will make good use of the technical things I come up with will be fine. Learning something new is still the focus; earning money is only secondary for now.

Main tools will be as usual eclipse, Java. MS.Paint and Bfxr. Additonally, I will put libGDX for rapid development on the desktop and iNudge for some music into the mix for the first time.

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