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    October Challenge : The Princess Digs Zombies…

    Posted by
    October 17th, 2012 2:28 pm

    Hi to All.

    My entry for the October Challenge is called The Princess Digs Zombies. I originally started this game for the MiniLD #34 which theme was “dare”. I love RTS games but suck at them so I dared to mix a RTS game and a Tetris / Columns game. I couldn’t finish in time but I felt I had to get back to it somehow. The October Challenge was the perfect incentive.

    The game is developed with Unity. So far, I have rewritten the whole game from javascript to c# and strongly rationalized gameplay which made programming so much easier. In the process, I am also testing my handcrafted ASCII console package ( which I plan to release on the Unity asset store later, but I guess middleware is an alternate way to monetize your game ).

    I’d say the game is 90% finished when it comes to code, graphics and story. I plan to spend the end of the week balancing units and maybe adding a final boss : the Zombie Lord himself ! My plan is therefore to release the game on Kongregate by next monday. I have no idea if I can make a dollar within the 10 days or so remaining.

    What I’d love to do is to add an iOS version with a two players mode but I’m also not sure I can do that within the time I’ll have left…

    As usual, I am amazed at what some other contestants have already manage to pull out. Congrats.

    – jujule

    screenshots :

    Title Screen


    One Response to “October Challenge : The Princess Digs Zombies…”

    1. MortalWombat says:

      Looks very cool! You don’t have to make the dollar during October, you just have to have everything set up to receive payments by the end of the month. So no worries about “legitimately” defeating the challenge (as if that would make any difference). ;)

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