Bells©: Update 1

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October 16th, 2012 2:05 pm

Hey, mohammad again, and after working out what Bells© is going to have, I will have to learn what could be about 4 OR 5 SCRIPTING LANGUAGES.

See? I am killing myself here, and soon after learning the 4th language, I may die from frustration. Then I will have to code it all. ARRGH!

Anyway these are the languages I’ll have to learn to make it look “Professinal”





Yes, that four languages, and maybe even more soon on. All over that, i’ll have to manage school, and get it done within a month! In fact, I may not even get it done this month. It may take MUCH more than that. But i’ll be making MUCH money with it, so what is the loss?

This is what bells will include:

3D camera tracking

HD Effect (Beta)

Sound enchancement effect (Beta)

2D camera tracking

Video layering feed (Beta)

Lighting Enchancement (Beta)

DVD and other storages

Green screen (Beta)

Webcam support (Beta)

Plugin support

Built-in Real-time scripting engine (To run C++ scripts)

AVI, WMV, OGG, GIF (Beta), and others

Color editing (Beta)

3D sound placement (Beta)

And much much more!

Leave comments as you wish, for I can fix and add stuff. My goal is to make a video editor better than Adobe or Vegas and sell it for much less!

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  1. Once you learn one it’s not that bad. I found C# was very similar to Javascript and C++ is similar to C# and Java. HTML is basically a standardized version of Javascript, and I’m sure CSS can’t be that hard either.

  2. Zelen3d says:

    This seems all such a major undertaking. Does beta mean working condition?

    I wonder how exactly you would build and distribute your program. Will it be a native executable, or will it be a web program or a Google Chrome NaCl program.

    You see, the 4 languages all have a different purpose:

    -C++ is a hard-core programming language, good for CPU intensive native programs.

    -JavaScript is more of a scripting language. It is traditionally the only scripting language of the web, but is being more and more used as a scripting language for other stuff.

    -HTML isn’t really a scripting language, but more of a web page DESCRIPTION language.

    -CSS is a language that makes styling your web page easier. It goes hand in hand with HTML.

    The only possible integration of C++ in web-apps that I see is Google Chrome’s Native Client (NaCl)(wich only works on Google Chrome, btw). I have never used NaCl, and I think it can cause a huge headache.

    If you are just making a native app as any other, I recommend that you concentrate on learning C++, and then learn Qt ( a cross-platform C++ library for GUI). Finally, when you get your program running as you wish, you may try to integrate JavaScript as a scripting language, which can be a big source of frustration on it’s own.

    • mohammad says:

      CSS, HTML, and Javascript are all going to be used to build my website.
      If I did it to make my program, it would not only look like dog poo, it would lag SO MUCH.
      C++ is what i’m using to make the program. EXE’s are so much better than a web run application.
      But your right. Why do I have to learn 3 languages if only one is going to be used for the project?
      Why? Simple. I’m a one man team. I’m going solo here, and since I have no partners to help me with this and that, i’ll be doing everything myself. As for GUI, i’m looking into learning some marco. Also Beta, is just another word for “Work in progress”. If you stay tooned I might pull out a prototype with a teser trailer to show what it can do.

  3. FelipeTavares says:

    What you mean by “Built-in Real-time scripting engine (To run C++ scripts)”?
    Will You write a C++ interpreter?

    • mohammad says:

      I guess you can say that.
      Like when you “Debug” a program, you can write code in real-time to the game?
      In short, you can write scripts into the system for extended results, allowing you to supass what i’ve given you!

      • FelipeTavares says:

        I really like how it sounds!

        I’ve wrote a veeeeeery flexible VM (flexible=lisp). The machine is object oriented and we can even push CODE to the stack, and the code of the machine is an object! That is very cool! By now I have only an assembler, but I’m planning to make a high level language that compiles for my machine. Maybe this is a good thing to put in your project?

        • mohammad says:

          Well for now only C++ scripts.
          But looking at they way your putting it its as if your asking me to make a whole nother scripting language!

          • Puzzlem00n says:

            No, he’s just saying maybe you can use his VM he wrote, I think.

            • FelipeTavares says:

              Yes, its that. The language that I’m speaking about I will develop, and things work like this:

              Every software that has my VM can run code written in my language, even if I change the language. And because the VM is very flexible, you can create your own C++ API, and the VM can call your C++ API IN your software. To be more clear: this is a VM-based plugin system .

              Only one more thing. You can develop your software in two different parts:

              1 – The public API, free source and everyone can access it, this will make the development of plugins and scripts more easy.
              2- The CORE(it has an API too, but closed), closed source and here you implement the things who you talked about..

  4. jovoc says:

    That seems pretty ambitious. I’ve worked on high-end video editing software, and that feature list looks like it would take 3-5 years for an experienced team. My advice is to learn to use an existing open source video editing program, such as Open Movie Editor ( or the video editing/compositing mode of Blender (, and then warm up by adding a few features or bugfixes to that. That will give you a good sense of what goes into a video editing program, and then you can use what you’ve learned in the development of your own package.

    Of course, you can just jump right in. You may not finish that whole list of features, but you’ll learn a lot in the attempt of it, so go for it! But just speaking for myself, it’s pretty frustrating to jump into a huge project and then run out of steam before there are results. It’s much more rewarding trying do to small pieces. If I could go back in time and give one bit of advice to my teen-aged programmer self, it would be “just pick very, very small projects and finish them”. Eventually, some of them will turn into big projects of their own accord.

    • mohammad says:

      If I did it like that nobody would buy my products. It would look worthless to waste their money on, BUT if I made it so professinal to the point of making it look like a pixar movie, the people will KILL for that.
      You see, in the internet buisness, its not about quainty, its about quality, and what makes it worthy. The more worthy, the more sold. You see where i’m getting at?

      • Puzzlem00n says:

        Well, maybe you don’t need anyone to buy it.

        The truth is, man, that you’re missing a fact here: People have said it could take years, and you should start small. You don’t think you can, because you’re obliged to make money off it. But if you forget about money, you’ll see everyone here is right. I think it would be better to drop any anticipation of selling it.

        • Puzzlem00n says:

          Besides, while I believe you could program all that in the feature list eventually, I think you’re underestimating the need for design. You can strew buttons all over the place that’ll do that stuff, but will it be intuitive? Sure, you could completely rip off the UI of Sony Vegas, but that wouldn’t make it better, now would it?

          P.S.: You’re using capital letters all the time now, and people are taking you noticeably more seriously. *applause* Thank you, thank you, you’re all too kind, really. :)

  5. Puzzlem00n says:

    Uh? Hello? Mohammad? Did you miss all that? ^^^^^ (I know it’s hard to check every comment for new replies, and I saw you responded to Felipe.)

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