Block Puzzle? Block Puzzle! 2

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October 15th, 2012 9:50 pm

Ok — I hadn’t made any plans at all to participate in the October challenge, but I’ve had a project sitting around for something like 2 years now (a full-time job thingy got in the way of it being finished) and it seems like maybe this is a good opportunity to force myself to get the thing wrapped up and online somewhere.

I’ve always thought block pushing puzzles in other games were interesting (I particularly liked how devious La Mulana was with a couple of its block puzzles), so a while back I made a Flash game devoted entirely to a those sorts of puzzles. It got a small sponsorship and some people seemed to like it (of course, some people hated it too ^_^b), and ultimately I decided I wanted to make a sequel.

So, that’s what I’m hoping to get finished this month. It’s built on Flash + flixel, with a tilemap editor I had built myself to help develop an earlier game (actually, much of the art is also from that earlier game, but it seems to fit the block puzzle theme just fine). Many puzzle rooms are already completed, but I have a handful left to finish and lots of polishing to do.

I’ll probably try to pickup a small sponsorship for it if I do finish it (or, failing that, just toss it online with some ads).

In the meantime, here’s a very little three-room demo, if anyone feels like pushing some blocks around for a while:

Comments and feedback are definitely welcome.

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