Reached $10, iPad build and icon opinions

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October 14th, 2012 1:09 am

Hello there.

First of all, I reached my second milestone, the $10 the other day, I’m now at $12 =) Next stop $20, here I go.

So I spent yesterday transforming my game Puwang into an universal build. I don’t own one so I sent it to a couple of testers, so far it’s working good. Only got feedback from iPad 1 users so I’m still expecting how it works on iPad 2 and that “New iPad” i think, the HD one.

Since I’m updating the game to a 1.1 version I’ve thinking about the icon. It’s probably not very eye catchy on the App Store, what do you think? Worth changing? Or keep this one?

But my “artistic skills” are very limited. Any artist out there wanna help me out and suggest a cooler one? I’m willing to pay, I honestly don’t have much money but drop me an email at or via twitter @DJ_Link and maybe we can work something out =) The App store requires a 1024×1024 sized png.

The current icon:



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  1. eyehawk says:

    Wow! Nice work dude – congrats!

    Was this your first release?

    I’ve just released to the Win8 store (first game ever) and will have a crack at the iOS store next. I’ll be so happy if I could make $1 out of all this :)

  2. Jezzamon says:

    Yeah, I think just pick one element from the game’s graphics and make it the icon… you’ve got too much stuff happening in that small space

  3. eyehawk says:

    Oh by the way DJ, if you want art you can always look at odesk,, or elance for a freelance artist to help you

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