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October 14th, 2012 6:33 pm

Well, here is my plan. I’ve got basic mechanics down, like I said in my last update. That means that It’s likely I get out of Beta and release somewhere in the semi-near future. With that said, how am I going to release the game? + datails about the game that other programmers want to know.

Info for programmers

The game is written in Java and will be distributed with the .Jar format. I’ve used paintbrush and eclipse so far. I’ve TRIED to use a professional coding process (organized classes, making variables private, ect.). My #1 tip for new programmers (like me) is that you MUST break the game into steps. EXP: instead of “Do game, ” “Create advanced spawn system,” and to narrow it down even more, “write if statements in Bullet.class to help with spawning.”

Release details + How? and When?

How? – I PLAN to release first, on the chrome web app store through making the icon a download link for a .zip folder. It will cost the high, bank-breaking, infinitely times larger than free, price of 99c.  The game will hopefully have some kind of arcade, replayable, fun aspect. I have the arcade and fun down, its just the longevity of “Mom, can I stay on a little longer, please?.” My stretch goal is to have the game on the Mac app store as a .app obviously.

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  1. Trystan says:

    Awesome! I like your advice to other developers and I’d like to know more about your experiences as a developer. How do you handle dependencies on the global game/world state? What do you think of SOLID principals in a short-term game? How do you deal with changes in the overall state (main menu, playing the game, lost, won, etc)? Any design patterns working well for you? Has quick-and-dirty allowed you to move on or has it come back to hurt you?

    I always like to see what other developers think – so let us know!

  2. Canobie says:

    Well, I am new to the game industry. I’m 13, but I know 1 programming language (java) and 5 web languages (xml, xhtml, html, css, javascript ).

    The question that I think I’m most qualified to answer is game states (menu, play, instructions). I have made it so that on startup it calls a constructor to another class triggering the menu to appear. Then, when clicking an option, it does the same thing but it opens the game.class or whatever.

    One of the most important factors in every step so far is, “How can I implement this while still being organized, clean, and professional.” That type of thinking allows you to go back and swiftly make changes or simply delete lines of code, if need be.

    As far as your other questions, here is one simple answer. The game is 99c. It will play like you got it for a dollar. You hop on, don’t want to get off. Nice simple, clean, and very basic. I will make games with more sophisticated gameplay, but right now, this is the type of game I know best and really think can appeal to everyone.

    Honestly, I am not experienced, and personally, I’d like to hear about some things that you do. Have you made games? Any specific questions about the development process you have to me, as a beginner? I’m like you, and I want to hear some of the things you do in order to complete the whole process. One specific question I have is, how can I make/find art to use in my games (its important that its free or <$10)?

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