Skyriders (finally) released!

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October 13th, 2012 5:56 am

Well, technically this appears to count as an October Challenge success…

But in reality, it feels like quite a cheat, as the game has been in development since March or so, and it’s mostly coincidence that it was released in October :)

It’s available now, on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)




The music is by Dustin Kulwicki (  Just about everything else was done myself – using as many tools as possible to make the most of my limited programmer art skills. I can highly recommend SpaceScape if you need space skyboxes, and Genetica for texture creation!

I also recently posted a blog entry about the making of Skyriders, showing an assortment of screenshots throughout the development process.


8 Responses to “Skyriders (finally) released!”

  1. TehSkull says:

    Actually, it’s not a success until you earn $1.

    Anyway, I’m glad to have a fast-paced 3D game to test the speed/power of my HTC One X.

  2. Surrealix says:

    It looks very smooth in action and the atmosphere really shines despite your self proclaimed ‘programmer art’ – congratulations on getting it finished and released! I remember playing the DOS-based SkyRoads for hours on end, so it’s neat seeing a modern take on the genre/idea. It’s just a pity I have neither Android nor iOS to test it out.

  3. Fadobo says:

    Awesome Game! Super smooth, looks and plays great. But TehSkull is right, you need to make a dollar for the challenge. Speaking of which, do I need to be logged in to buy more levels or are they not available yet?

  4. bluescrn says:

    It’s made a few dollars on iOS. It managed a little over 100 downloads on iOS on day 1, but only about a tenth of that on Android (surprising, as it’s paid on iOS, and free-with-in-app-upgrade on Android)

    I think the thread on the TouchArcade forums has helped (along with a tweet from Terry Cavanagh!), I’ve not really looked into where I should be promoting it for Android.

    There does seem to be a problem with the in-app-upgrade on Android, too – it looks like the latest release of the Google Play app has broken it! Neither of my test devices are updating to that yet, but I’ll be trying to track it down as soon as I start to recover from the awful cough/cold that I’ve got at the moment :(

  5. bluescrn says:

    So as well as trying to fix the Android billing issue, I’m aiming to release an iOS patch in a week or so that adds iPhone 5 support, improves the app icon, and maybe adds the option to disable the ‘horizon tilt’ of the camera, as somebody on TouchArcade suggested that…

  6. Jezzamon says:

    Just bought it! Excited to play it, but I probably won’t get much time seeing as I’m in the middle of exams…

    I figured I may as well buy it earlier rather than wait until my exams end though

  7. thedaian says:

    “I love this game” – my 5 year old nephew.

    You can totally use that quote on your game box.

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