Escape of the Minibots: Week 2 Update

Posted by (twitter: @accidentalrebel)
October 12th, 2012 9:18 pm

Progress is going great for my entry. I ditched the last idea I had and revived an old one that I was poking around with a few years ago.

Here’s the mock-up I’ve made:

Everything will make sense when you get to see it in action soon

So I went ahead and coded like hell for the past two weeks. Here’s how it looks like now.

Those different colored blocks signify progress.

It may not seem like it but there are a lot of progress on the screenshot above. For one, the different colors signify different objects and all of them are working perfectly and can be interacted with.

I’ve also finished working on a basic 2d tile based level editor in Unity. This will help speed level creation when I get to doing the puzzles.

My to do list:

  • Basic levels
  • Sprite / graphics implementation
  • More levels
  • Gameplay optimization
  • Map editing optimization

May not seem like a lot but I bet it would take me until the end of the month to finish all of these.

Awesome. Now back to coding.

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