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    Current progress, two days after

    Posted by (twitter: @juaxix)
    October 12th, 2012 3:04 pm

    I was travelling throught Spain, meanwhile in the bus I have drawed the things I wanted to do after.
    These are the results:

    * A new logo of XIXGAMES for the game intro:

    * New doors game system, until you kill the mobs around you cant pass to the next room (today I replayed “No More Heroes” for PS3 and this people use the same , ah, guys from Darksiders do this trick also ;) )

    * A new intro, first show the XIXGAMES logo, then run three animations in 3D with a particle system and another in 2D for the play buttons.

    * Magic and physicial Combat systems are more efficient now, there is a new spell also (icebolt). Player can die now XD and return to the menu very fast. There are new sound fx also, when you get hitted and new sounds for the spells also, there is a random sound for repeated tasks. Damage is calculated this way:

    -- Compute damage with armor and so on
        local nResist = 1.0 - this.Resistance ( )/100.0
        local damage  = magicalPower * nResist
        this.health ( this.health ( ) - damage )


    * Added a chest system based on proximity sensors, it works like the Dungeon Hunter (iOS), when you are near a chest, the physical attack button change to a button with a opened chest, I’m working on this now

    * Scene loading mechanics, thanks to Davit Masia, who made me the Loading Screen and help me choose the right font for the title

    * Camera movement with touch support: this part was a little bit hard to accomplish because of the current Camera Script had already touch controls and rotations in x,y,z

    Things to be added:

    • more mobs
    • two scenes with 2 simple gameplays
    • level up mechanics
    • final bosses!
    All these stuff must be done in 8-9 days in total to be able to submit the game to the markets! , btw, I’m getting ready
    Things that should be but not
    * I’m not gonna add big scenarios, other classes or big challenge with a lot of story, no time
    * I really would like to export to consoles but I need to learn the SDK’s of PSP,PS3,NDS,XNA and Wii ware
    * Complex mobs have been removed due to poly count, they can not be handled by less powerfull devices such as BB’s, iPhone’s, Android’s and so on


    This is a video from Pc (Windows 7) this time:


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