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October 12th, 2012 6:53 am

I’m in October Challenge as well! The game i started working on will be a dual-stick/bullet hell shooter for PC with a minimalistic graphical style – it’ll be composed only of squares.

I’ve got the basics working – there’s a player square that can fly around and shoot, and i’ve implemented a way to fluently change colors (this looks really nice, will be another key feature of graphics)

I want this game to be an arena shooter – in main menu you choose your weapons and such, pick a level and upon completion you get rewarded (new weapons and shit).

What i want to fit in this game:

» large variety of enemies

» quite a big amount of levels (so you don’t finish in 5 minutes or so)

» varying weapons

» bosses


Oh, and the name will be SquareShot.

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