OMG, I made my $1 already :D

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October 11th, 2012 5:07 am

I’m so happy, as I mentioned yesterday my game Puwang was released on the App Store.

The first “easier” step was done, making the game and releasing it, now to make some money. This morning I checked my App Sales Report and I made ~$5, which is 5 times more the initial amount, and it’s great.

Now, my next goal is to reach the $10 amount, and eventually recouping the $99 I spend on the Developer Subscription on Apple.

And, with luck, if I ever reach the $100, I will then have $1 of profit 😀


Anyways, since we are still on day 11 of the month I decided, why stop here? I’m going to tackle another mini-game. I have a idea, doing some concepts right now, and I’ll post when I have something watchable.


Another cool thing was people tweeting that they were having fun, and trying to beat leaderboards scores, which where like this last night:


So once again here’s the link to Puwang, spread the word 😀


6 Responses to “OMG, I made my $1 already :D”

  1. shanadeshana says:

    I hope you get those 101 dollars :)
    I’m downloading your game right now, good luck!

  2. dougalicious says:

    Well done!! I had a good play of it last night and its a solid wave mode shooter!!

  3. jovoc says:

    fun game! You earned every dollar. Nice work.

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