So I goofed up… Never Distant End / Space Game

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October 10th, 2012 10:38 pm

So I took a few days off. I had to take care of some school things as well as get the tickets for me and my friends to got to PAX east for spring break. We are all really exited and cant wait! Finally, having everything out of the way I looked over my project and asked myself; “Is this really the game I want to push for October Challenge?”, I looked at all of the projects that I have put on hold for other projects, I finally got to my first Project , Space Game. I seen a lot of potential in Space Game, I reviewed the code, and realized that since I started programming at the begging of the summer and by August made the a large leap from just making simple calculators to.. making a game. I shouldn’t have to explain what its about or what you do in it because the title should say it all! Space Game is to be honest one of my life achievements, don’t get me wrong, Space Game when I first made it was the most simple thing ever, but it pushed me ahead and made me want to keep keeping on with learning Java and game programming all together.

As much as I would hate to do it… I’m putting Never Distant End away. I’m just going to use October as a continuation for Space Game. I aim to have it finished by December. I’m going to set a few goals for October Challenge though.

  • Fix the state finding and loading system(I was originally using booleans… not good Idea)
  • Finish the GUI
  • Fix ALL of the level generation (ambient stars, planets and Mobs)
  • add a few creatures
  • Get started with on land generation(on planets and such)

This is my progress up until I stopped working on this a month ago(I named it Build 2.2):

So that’s currently all I have to show you for now. Till next time.

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