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October projects #1 and #2 update

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October 10th, 2012 12:22 pm

Hello folks.

I had a few hiccups with my ISP (I’m ready to take legal actions and I’m already subscribing to another), so I could not really post here.

The minesweeper game in 24 hours was a success! I had to make a few more tweaks, but all in all, 95% of the damn thing went by on the first few hours. Got it into Google Play a few hours ago. It’s not polished and hardly stands against the quality standards of a LudumDare game you guys pull around here. But I guess it’s good sign when you’re addicted to your own game. I guess this is my first game that I consistently can’t stop playing a game authored by me.

Looks like crap, but my girlfriend will make me some better art:

That was a warm-up. Now, for the really cool games. My #2 project is called “Kill the Conwoids”.

I guess anyone that has ever implemented a Conway’s game of life has once wondered about using it on a game. As I said before, I actually did implement this as a game while working as a intern on a small game studio in Rio de Janeiro. Now I want to make it a better game.

Work has already commenced. Stay tuned.


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