I’m super excited Zombie Tales got a little write up in Indie Game Mag Mobile!!!!

Charles ¬†really did dig below the surface of what looks like a generic Zombie shooter and understood my philosophy behind making this game. Now I’m starting work on porting across the [tesseract] level editor so there is a lot more to come.

Anyways back to blogging my progress:

I spent a few hours atlas mapping some of the stock models I have – so re uvmapping 14 War torn buildings with 14 2048×2048 textures down to 14 buildings into 2 1024×1024 textures. They are a bit soft when you get close to them, but it will have to do for the moment.

I’ve started work on the level editor, and the first step is building the GUI interface… and thats a bit boring working out all the logic for the menus. But I did have to make a few buttons, and one little tip.

I can never figure out what to use for a main menu button, a home button or something else. This time I used 3 “i”s lying on their side Arial Rounded font… and I thought “that’ll do nicely!”

Hopefully that makes sense to most people, I’d love to know what you think some of these icons mean below??

and checkout www.zombietales.net for a more detailed blog, I didn’t want to bombard the Ludum Dare site with too much of my ranting. ¬†:)

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  1. eyehawk says:

    Your games shaping up nicely dude! Best of luck, and good work for getting the review! :)

  2. dougalicious says:

    Thanks! I’m really happy with how its progressing. Although I suspect on release it won’t be perfect, but I’ll fine tuning it into the future.

    I was really surprised about the preview I wasn’t expecting it. I had sent CF a Tweet about me starting the project and it being my first Ludum Dare. Then once I uploaded that last trailer I sent him another tweet. I’m sure he gets bombarded daily by Indies, so I was stoked that he covered the project.

    Mind you I’d sent tweets to IndieGames and others… so I guess if Zombie Tales gets to a level that I want it to I’ll give first dibs for any exclusive material to CF at IGMmobile for sure.

  3. JesterBLUE says:

    The Icons.. (left to right, top to bottom)
    1. a zombie chasing me. If this were an RPG it would be flee battle, but here… I dunno.
    2. a hand. pick up / use no weapon
    3. use pistol. I’d assume a low level weapon.
    4. a paintbrush. editor mode

    5. shotgun / sawed off shotgun. I’d use at close range.
    6. inventory
    7. unclear. cargo/ammo/eraser/enlarge
    8. rifle. long range.

    9. Menu / options / dialogue
    10. object / maximise / option box
    11. maybe a grenade launcher? weird looking gun.
    12. up arrow. move forward / level up / possibly go back in menu

    13. a book. help / story
    14. refresh / reload? / turn or look around
    15. cancel / delete
    16. bicycle.

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