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Posted by of Indie (twitter: @@MarvinHawkins)
October 9th, 2012 6:40 pm

Updates are sexy. I have one, but its just a prototype build of the game. It’s less Sexy than a giant crab monster. Some of the Art is starting to come in as well. I tried out a new technique. Working with my other programmer remotely, I created a list of to dos. I next wrote down our outstanding tasks, and broke them down into sections. I then broke that up a little further. For example Gui was broken down into ‘fix player lives script’ and ‘delete player life from game controller’ I know that this is very Granular, but its benefits are twofold. One, completing small tasks helps with momentum. Two, seeing tasks written out helps to limit procrastination. When I get distracted, I tend to procrastinate since the tasks start to pile up. Anyway, here’s what i got done with a 4 hour push: Lots more to go, but hope for some sexy screenshots soon.Shot out to my entire art team, they are awesome. It’s good to have art that’s not ugly placeholder art

- Add Game Controller Object – Complete
– Add GUI Lives game object – Complete
– Add Shilloete of aircraft to represent lives – Complete
– Move object on screen to top or out of the way (reposition gui lives) – Complete
-Assign Score when enemy dies – Complete
-Add ‘Player Lives’ Gui element – Complete
– Create New Enemy prefab with mig object – Complete
– Curved enemy path – Complete
– Add buildings to background. – Complete
– Add Textures to Mig Enemy – Complete (In Dropbox called: MigWithTextures)
– Add Texture to building  – Complete (Prefab called: Building A)
– ‘kill’ player when he collides with an enemy -complete
– Title Screen Scene should lead to level 1
– End of Level Trigger – Should handle changing levels, cleaning up scene – Complete
-Fade out when level ends: Complete

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