Bloblocks mumlog

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October 9th, 2012 8:18 am

Dear mum,

Yesterday I made 11 levels for my little game. You know Bloblocks, the game I told you about.

I could not resist adding a little feature: a block which destroys blocks, some kind of black hole.

I know… I said I would not add features. But this one made level creation more interesting and it helped me create at least 7 new levels in a blitz.

Today I worked on the promotional text for the stores (You can read it here). I hope people will like the text and then will buy the game and then will like the game and then will make love to each others.

I know a lot of them won’t… I’ll have to deal with it.

I also set up my google account so I will be able to sell the game on Google Play Store. It was somewhat easier than the App store but I felt a little bit poorer along the way.

This afternoon I tried to test the game on an android emulator since I don’t have a device.

I cried a little.

I am also afraid of all this devices. The minimum playable resolution for the game is 700×600 pixels. But it is not really helpful since I have to speak DPI for touch controls. I’ll start with xlarge and find a way to widen devices support later.

Testing a game on the simulator (a game made using haxe + flex + starling) is just hell on earth. That’s why I decided to order a Nexus 7. I wanted to do this anyway but not so soon. I felt poorer of 200€…

I hope I will sell enough Bloblocks to overcome the cost.

I must say I felt happier yesterday than today. I think I will create more levels tomorrow to cheer me up and may be reach the 50 levels objective.

I also have to translate all the game texts so you can understand it. It’s written in english for some unknow reason.

The children are happy and so is the wife. They don’t play Bloblocks yet but a family test is planned for this week. I think that 3 years old is not old enough to play this game… but Joseph still enjoys the explosions and touching colored blocks.

I hope you and grandma are doing well. I hope to see you both soon and I’ll send you more screenshots soon.


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