iPhone game video capture

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October 8th, 2012 5:48 am

No coding today but I did knock up this trailer with iMovie(trailer template) on my iPad so you’ve probably seen it all before.

I thought everyone might be interested in how I captured the video because getting good quality iPhone footage is a pain! The video was captured from my iPhone 4S with a HDMI output at a friends place using his Blackmagic Intensity pro card.

Originally captured at 1080p 30fps as a motion jpg avi, I then converted the video also cropping out the black from the original to a 720p 30fps for iPad format.

I’ve spent many dollars and gone to many troubles trying to film iPad/iPhone footage for trailers and believe me the Blackmagic card is the only one I’ve had success with.

Because the iPhone only outputs 1080p 30fps – I’ve bought a couple of recorder boxes that claim they can record HD but they usually only max out at 1080i 25fps. Including the AvermediaHD box that alot of gamers use to record xbox360/ps3 games. But the consoles you can set the out put to match the recorder.

Anyways heres the final product

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  1. mohammad says:

    SO if I can make my own zombie shooters with this does it mean this is an zombie engine?
    Its not that hard to make a zombie game but to polish it I think this is the greatest thing to do it with.

  2. dougalicious says:

    “Zombie Engine” – nice one, I might have to use that.

    It’ll be more like an FPS zombie shooter with level editor included and you can share your creations by uploading and downloading.

    I’ll be using the same framework I built for my other free game [tesseract] http://www.tesseractgame.com

    I’m hoping to get the guts of it working and get it to market, and doing the polish later…


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