My projects for the October challenge

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October 6th, 2012 6:18 am

Yep, Ive been absent for quite a while.

But  coincidently, I just got my publishing keys to Google Play, so, why not try my hands at this challenge?

Firstly, I’m imposing myself a challenge inside this challenge: how fast can I code a simple game like a minesweeper? I should handle this easily, after all, until some 6 months ago, for almost 3 years, I was a professional casual game developer.

And so, I sat yesterday to start it. In a very TDD way, I wrote most of the premise code, some simple framework to the Android Activity flux. Right now, I have most of the code in place, but not everything is plugged in, since it still require some refactoring to conform to everything else.

Now, the oblig. screenshot:

Of course, this is very wrong, from a minesweeper point of view. But I must tell you the tiles are reversed. And everything behind the “unrevealed” tiles are being rendered the same.

I plan to release this TODAY.

My second project for this month, and I’m going to work on it next weekend, is a life-game-based arcade game: You shoot goo ( gosper gliders ) and you must erradicate all remaining goo.

I wrote this game before, I must admit. It was the very first thing I wrote when my former boss (from the game studio) gave me some time to acquaint myself with the iPhone SDK. It was cool, but buggy as hell. Now I want to write it in Java for Android, with proper graphics and everything.

My third project for the month is GOOD remake in Android for my MiniLD#26 game: Knights of Alentejo. Currently, it works in a very flawed state, but requires a keyboard and lacks menus and everything else. I will make it into a POLISHED game.

My final (and very unlikely) project for the month is to take my pet project, a 3D game engine I’m writing in Android Java and make a simple “Stealth Spy” game out of it. Since it has sort of dynamic lightning, I want to make something different out of it, other than another FPS.

And thats pretty much all I want to do. Of course, everything will be free, ad-free and open source. Hope you guys enjoy it!



Things look a little more promising. But of course, I need better. BADLY.

Gonna ask my GF to make me something better. She’s a really good artist.

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