Making Progress :D Never Distant End

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October 3rd, 2012 11:02 pm

So As I said in the last post “I promise to show something within the week” and well… I’m keeping my word and can say on Saturday afternoon or evening there will be be a video and screen shots, etc. of Never Distant End.

I can say for now that the game idea isn’t fully realized but it is fairly complex and in the last 2 days I have revised the idea probably 4 – 5 times.

The game is a “fancy “text adventure. Why “fancy”? mostly because it is super detailed and the world is not linear and is never the same… EVER. You start by creating your character in so many ways, then you start your adventure. When you start your adventure you are given 2-3 random perks; rich, poor, a random profession, etc. and are In a new place every time you you start. All of everything is pretty much random, all of the text that pops up on screen is randomly chosen and then randomly ad libbed. There are main quests and that’s how you beet the game, of course you might ask what happens after you beat the game? will your character get deleted? would it even be worth it? My answer… When you beat the main quest you start a new game with the character you just beat the game with, just starts on a higher difficulty and ties in a bit with the previous story.¬†At the moment I’m working on Enemies, Items and just finished basic status Ailments(Poison, Paralyze, Sleep) .

That’s all I wanted to say at this point. I’m having fun and hope I stay true to my promise of having something to see by Saturday. till then :)

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