Never Distant End

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October 2nd, 2012 8:43 am

Well after days of scrambling my brain over what kind of game this will be, I finally figured it out! This:

Never Distant End is going to be a –randomly generated text adventure game–. When creating your character you can chose between classes, gender, race(elves, dwarves, etc) and belief. After that, you go to the next screen and “roll” your stats, depending on your class, gender, etc. you get a bonus in certain attributes. Once your character is made your story scrolls across the screen, there will be certain things said in the dialogue that will add to your inventory, if it says: “He was a Wealthy man, and a hobby Sword Smith.” you can easily understand that you’ll have money in your pocket and you’ll start with a basic sword.

After you create your character you go to towns and villages and dungeons and fortresses in search for adventure. If you die its game over.

All of that is only a rough idea of Never Distant End. I hope to show gameplay sometime this week. but until then, have a good day.

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