Introducing FlyCraft for the October Challenge 2012

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October 2nd, 2012 11:53 pm

Challenge accepted! My name is Harry Kalogirou and along with my dear friend Thanasis Lightbridge we are taking the Ludum Dare October Challenge. This was decided a few days ago, so we got together last Sunday and had a great brainstorm session. We dueled over 3-4 ideas and finaly we settled for FlyCraft.

So FlyCraft it is, and we have one month to deliver it to you. I am not going to tell you more about the game at the moment, but I already told you it is going to be a crafting game about flying. 😉 There is no prior work for the game and all will be done in the 30 days of the challenge. I will be doing the coding and Thanasis will take on the graphics and of course the music and sound effects. The game will be coded using the Sylphis3D game engine and we are going to exclusively target the Blackberry Playbook and the AppWorld store, as it is a platform I fell in love recently and it’s a platfom where you can actually make a buck these days.

Me and Thanasis will be posting here more details and progress reports so stay tuned! For now we got work to do, so catch you later!!!

About the authors:

Thanasis Lightbridge: A creative and exploring nature that creates highly descriptive and unpredictable music. His grand creation the Dol Ammad and Dol Theeta music projects. He is also responsible for the music and sound fx for the game Pop Corny.

Harry Kalogirou: Independent game developer responsible for sorrow fingers and raging addict gamers with his addictive game Pop Corny

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  1. Accidental Rebel says:

    Sounds interesting. Too bad I can’t be able to play it as I don’t have a Playbook, I’ll root for you guys though.

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