October Challenge we are in with TreeVolve

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October 1st, 2012 9:14 am

Post Mortem

The game TreeVolve was a big success for us, the LD#24 Jam went so good and we are so happy. Thank you so much everyone! #13 Graphic, Daniel was so happy and now is 100 times more motivated about making more levels and better graphic.
The game at release had some problems, it was short, no end game, too easy, too repetitive, some game breaking bugs, but yeah, we made #79 Overall and the next one will be a huge improvement.



We get a lot of feedback about treevolve, we have read every word you told us and I’m developing hard for make it better and better. The big feedback was “port it to smartphone!”.
As you know I developed the game in C++ with the help of Allegro for the rendering part and I have only an Android smartphone. Porting the game on android is a big work, I have to write everything again in Java, change the main, change the rendering functions, change how sounds is handled and a lot more but…


October Challenge 2012

… we will not give up, in the last4 days I have worked on making this port and the porting 1:1 from Windows to Android is working perfectly on every type of screen and resolution.

Test with a big screen (10”), but it’s working on very small screen too 

As you can see from the photo everything is working great, sound, GUI, touch and so on… but this is only a 1:1 port, we are working for give you a lot lot more fun! Daniel have designed from scratch the GUI from making a lot more confortable for touch screen and not in the center of the screen like it is now.

The big problem: Repetitive

Yes, this is a big problem, we have to find a solution for make the game fun during the time and not only the first 5 minutes.
We have designed something new for give you more fun: (Some secret sketch’s, but psss, don’t tell it to Daniel I showed you)


  • (1) Map select.
    Yes! There will be more levels and with a fun story line to follow. What is all this water? Maybe you can stop the water fro unblock new levels 😉
    To design there will be 5 new maps with different goals and scenery.
  • (2)Hey, why I have to collect all these branches?
  • (3)A helper is swimming? So much water .
As you can see we are working hard to make a real finished product, and we hope you will like it

TL;DR: New scene, new goals, story, new levels, new monsters, scores!, share with friends…
Oh, I forgot to tell you about bosses! Nah, another day 😛

There is a lot more to tell you (What about the evolving tree? What about helpers? Why I have to do all these stuff?) but I will tell you more another day =)


When the alpha is ready we will need some android beta testers for help us test it on different smartphones. Follow me on twitter @davidemo89 for contact me when the alpha is ready for help us a little =) Everyone helping us will have a no banner copy of the game for free.
PS: I will tell you when the alpha is ready and when we need some testers.

So, you made it till here, sorry for all the grammar errors, if you found some contact me, I’m happy and trying to improve my English skills.

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