My October Challenge for 2012

October 1st, 2012 3:15 pm

Some of you guys know my record of finishing things.  Right now I’m working on a Sonic the Hedgehog style platformer.  Now it might take 6 – 12 months to get this thing done, so it might not be until October Challenge 2013 that I get anything to sell for a buck.  I have a good chance of at least getting first playable by the end of this October, and I might could even possibly squeeze an alpha in by then, so I have a challenge for you Ludum-darians — I’m going to bet you $1 that I can get up to alpha version of my game by the end of October.  If I manage this, you send me $1 via paypal, and if I don’t I send YOU $1 via paypal.   So basically I get an incentive to get off my butt and get a game done sooner than I might normally.   I get a finished playable/sellable game.  I get your respect (well maybe — I just mean if I finish something you guys might have a little more respect for me).  If I win I get a buck and win the October challenge.  YOU get someone participating in LD’s October Challenge, you get a great game that’s actually finished, and if I don’t get to alpha stage, YOU get a whole dollar (US, and paypal only).  So no matter what happens it’s a win/win!  And to sweeten the pot everyone who bets gets a copy of the finished game, no matter if you win or I win.  (What it will mean is if I win you get a great game for a buck, if you win you will get a great game for free and you will get a buck :-)

So what do you say?


Some people suggested they might bet a dollar if I came up with a list of items to complete for this alpha to be completed.

Well let’s see —

full game map created with layout graphics (meaning triangles and boxes and stuff to layout the places Flash can run)

Collision including walking up and down slopes and using momentum to go around loops.


Enemy attacks


Logical map flipping

Boss round/level

bonus levels

I think that about does it, no sound effects or music, and only the basic of graphics — just enough to get the point across.

pps.  If you want to take the “bet” please leave a comment below to make it “official” :-)

ppps. To clarify — Whether or not I win or lose you still get a copy of the full version of the game, and any updates from alpha to release!

7 Responses to “My October Challenge for 2012”

  1. GBGames says:

    I’ll take that bet!

  2. voxel says:

    We will always remember October as the month where Uhfgood had to sell his body to cover his ludumdare debts.

    I’m in

  3. SethR says:

    I’m in for the $1. Good luck!

  4. NeiloGD says:

    G’wan then. I’m in for this :)

  5. Jedi says:

    I’m not letting you off the hook that easily! I’m in, with the added stipulation that if you want my $, you need a proper website to take it! :)

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